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Colorful, high-resolution images, engaging videos and illustrative graphics can help potential buyers better understand your products and services and help them see literally the benefits they offer.

Logo Design



Business card designs

Business card designs

Brochure Designs

Brochure Designs

Catalog Designs

Catalog Designs

Postcard designing

Postcard designing

Layout and Formatting

Layout and Formatting

Banner Designs

Banner Designs

Drive High-conversation Rate With Our Creative Design!

we are a team of skilled professional graphic designers who sincerely believe first impressions always last. the attractive logos, layouts, brand banners, illustrations, and templates will help to impress more online visitors.

A leading graphic design company that provides standard quality graphic design services that cover entire business needs. our graphic design services provides graphic designs to build up visual communication with the use of correct color, image, space and typography.

Qualified and Experienced Designers

Our highly experienced and qualified designers hands-on experience in cutting-edge tools ensure the measurable results and finest web designs.

Striking Designs

Being the top-notch graphic design company India, we possess the expertise required for creating striking and eye-catching graphical designs for flyers, brochures, flexes, advertisements, Emailers and many more.

Client Centric Designing Services

By clearly understanding the marketing requisites and objectives of your company, we provide you the most stunning graphics incorporated with creativity and innovation.

Improved Usability

Our interactive designs created with emphasis not only on the visual appeal, but also on the functionality deliver improved usability, and increased brand cognizance.

A complete collection of graphics design services to showcase your identity

Representing Your Marketing Products through Creatively Designed Graphics

Visual Identification

Marketing Purposes

Your business needs a special identity and this can be done by the perfect graphic design of different segments that visually represents your company like logo, business cards, letterheads, etc. All these segments require a proper graphic representation to give your company a unique visual display!

Marketing Purposes

Best social media agencies attract their target audience by applying best graphic designs in marketing purposes like brochures, postcards, flyers etc. All these designs are a great source of advertisement and can largely convert the audience into real customers.



Thinking on professional level companies need a proper graphic design for any professional presentation. Only the information is not enough, a proper design that represents information through charts, graphs, etc is important. A perfect graphic design in reports and analytics is important to give appropriate information about the company.


Company Logo Design

The logo of a company is not a diagram but the visual representation of the company. It represents the business, ideologies and working system of a company. A stunning logo implies a lasting impression on the customers mind. That is why we provide optimum logo design services for all types of businesses.

Advert Design Publicity

Advert Design & Publicity

Efficient Advertising Can Only be Devised When Persuasive Psychology, Top-notch Creativity And Robust Technology Are Combined. We Understand This And Thus Help You Craft Such Advert Designs Which Would Ensure Efficient Publicity For Your Company. Our Ultimate Motive Is That You Can Ensure To Get Quickest Returns On All Your Investments.

Print Design Services

Print Design Services

Literature and content of a company build up the public opinion of the company. That is why we create engrossing and astonishing content for you which would be fit for magazine, brochure, calendar, catalo, etc. Thus, you can establish your brand image in the minds of your customers through our print design services.

Research design


Understand client offering and competitive market. Analyse their business goal and objectives to create a design for an effective campaign.



Implement the strategy and develop color, look and feel of the design. Present sketches for client review and the discussion.

Brainstorming design


In this critical thinking phase, we build a conceptual strategy based on the research and data gathered. Conceptualize design based on client offering.

Production design


Create the design in the final format of graphics for media outputs or presentation, print production, online integration, etc.

Graphics are the Most Innovative Tools Conveying Your Message to Your Target Audiences

best online graphic design services
  • Talented graphic designers working exclusively on your account
  • Use of the latest in graphic designing software including Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Freehand, etc.
  • Cost competitive pricing resulting in affordably priced graphic designs
  • Quick turnaround time that gives you an additional edge over your competitors
  • Provision of integrated graphic design services coordinated with web design and web development

We Offer Creative Graphic Design Services

We provide graphic design service which speaks about business assets which make easy to communicate with customers and create a positive impact on them. An impressive graphic design is a perfect combination of texts and pictures to explain your business ideas through different mediums.

  • Fledix is a team of trained and creative designers.
  • Cost efficient graphic designs for both visual and marketing purposes.
  • We first understand the business requirements and then prepare graphic designs for different medias based on your requirements.
  • We are a social media promoting company that offers great designs to advertise your business in social media.
professional graphic design company
Customized Unique and Professional Website Design

Best In Industry & Competitive Graphic Design Services

Lets you give proper information to people about your business by a combination of creative images and appropriate texts.

  • Out of the box and creative designing ideas
  • Attractive designs
  • Great design to grab the attention of the customers
  • With AddLead you could develop a strong branding
  • We offer you with the cost-effective solution
  • Quick and trust-worthy services
  • Our team work on strict deadlines
  • User-friendly graphics designing services
  • Beautifies your online presence